Do you want to know how to hypnotize someone? Hypnosis is the ability to bring a person to a low level state, much like sleep, where they are prone to verbal suggestion. In recent years numerous scientific studies have been performed on hypnosis to discover its potential and effects as a mind setting technique. Now we know that the subconscious level of the human mind that can be reached and exploited to our benefit for the purpose of mental and general health.

how to hypnotize someone

Hypnosis can help you with an unlimited number of personal issues, big or small. If you have a phobia, then hypnosis can help you eliminate it. If you have an addiction, then hypnosis can help you kick the habit. If you have a goal, then hypnosis can help you achieve it. If you want to successfully hypnotize someone you need to learn to be able to communicate directly with their subconscious both before and after you actually hypnotize them. In order to learn how to hypnotize someone, usually there are two key ingredients you should be aware of. First of all, the person you want to hypnotize should be open to being hypnotized and believe he/she is able to be hypnotized. Of course it is possible to hypnotize people even if they don’t know what you are doing. It is also very important to be relaxed.

The Hypnotic Techniques

The Spiral of Hypnosis

The spiral of hypnosis is the technique that most people think of when they think of hypnotism. The object that is mostly used is a swinging pendulum. This is the best technique to use if you want to be quick and effective. This technique causes the audience to go into a trance like state. This state is induced by a moving object that the subject is concentrating on.

Subliminal Hypnosis

Subliminal hypnosis is used for behavior modification and self-hypnosis. It is one of the most effective techniques to improve one’s lifestyle. It is beneficial in advertising, persuasion and self-help situations.

Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis is also called indirect hypnosis. Covert hypnosis is basically where a hypnotist uses different techniques and strategies to cause change in a person in a subtle and unconscious way. This means that the person who is being hypnotized is unaware of what is happening. It is the main difference in this type of hypnosis and the original way that it is typically done. It is very effective for people who are in work fields such as sales.

Covert hypnosis does not have the closed eyes and relaxed subject of traditional hypnosis, you can look out for other signals to identify when your subject is in the hypnotic state. Common signs include an absence of critical thought, active listening and sympathetic behavior. When you see the subject displaying behavior suggested by you or believing he has thought up an idea which was influenced by you, you will know you have successfully achieved covert hypnosis.

Controlling covert hypnosis can dramatically improve your life. Imagine being able to get potential buyers to purchase your products, get all the dates you want simply because you know how to plant the idea that you’re desirable, being able to secure the everlasting loyalty of your lover(s), get people around you to agree and even go along with things you say and suggest. The financial, social, and overall possibilities are endless.

How To Hypnotize Someone Fast?

Here is a challenge to you, go up to someone you already know and are good friends with, begin talking about something, maybe a joke you heard the other day, or maybe a story or well something that will involve them. Then in the middle look at them and pronounce something like: “STOP I did not buy the yellow shoes” or “STOP! Have you seen my four foot wall?”. They will usually look confused. Repeat the confusion statement once or twice. You can then simply ask for them to hand out their possession or any other ethical command you can think of.

how to hypnotize someone fast

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how to hypnotize someone

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